Ord Bot Hadron – Best Low Cost 3D Printer


ORD BOT Hadron is one of our favorite 3D printers as it is very affordable and easy to manufacture for DIYers (experienced or even beginning enthusiasts). It has been designed by Buildlog.net‘s Bart Dring who is responsible for several excellent DIY projects. The price fully depends on how much you can fabricate yourself and what you wish to add on to it. A great extrusion head that works great with this design is the QU-BD MBE Extruder v9 – Dual which starts at arround $68 ($126 with stepper motors and heater). The building kit that contains most parts (besides electronics and extruder head) is set at $429 USD, a great price for a well designed, sturdy, open and flexible 3D printer. If you can fabricate your own parts, at a local Fab Lab for example, you couls save on several parts and possibly making the entire 3D printer for just about $300 USD. The ORD Bot recently was upgraded from the Quantum to the Hadron, which will start shipping in January 2013.

ORD BOT Hadron vs Quantum is a similar (older version) that has been replaced by the Ord Bot Hadron. Both 3D printers have been designed by Barton Dring (Buildlog.net). It is still possible to find parts for an Ord Bot quantum, however they are not as common as the Hadron.

Where can I buy an ORD BOT Hadron? There are 3 main places where you can buy your Ord Bot Hadron: 1. reprapdiscount.com – great customer service and comes pre assembled within a few days. In addition they pay Bart Dring a decent royalty fee. 2. Automatronic Inc – $429 for an unassembled kit. 3. Ebay – often times they are from ATM or Reprapdiscount, sometimes from another seller.

3D Printer’s Technical Overview

Price $400-600 / $399.99 just for a mechanical kit
Assembled check
Printable Dimensions 216 x 216 x 200 mm / 8.5 x 8.5 x 7.9 in
Technology Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM).
Materials & Cost varies
Build Speed 400mm/sec
Accuracy / Resolution depending on choice of extruder
Multi-colored Printing one color at a time
Printer Dimensions 460 x 490 x 400 mm / 18.1 x 19.3 / 15.7 in
Finish Decent  – depending on choice of extruder (among others).